Autocut Regular Maintenance

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Weekly Maintenance Procedures

30 minute(s)



This checklist needs to be carried out at regular intervals, in conjunction with the daily maintenance.

Use Profile Regularity
2-3 Shifts per day Weekly
Single Shift Full Time Bi-Weekly
Up to 50% utilisation Monthly

Step 1 - Lubricate grip cylinder and grip rotation bearings

Step 2 - Check grip finger teeth condition

Step 3 - Check grip finger gap in the closed position

Step 4 - Lubricate GZ/GY bearings/rails

Step 5 - Lubricate Side Clamp Shafts

Step 6 - Lubricate GX axis rack, wiping off excess oil

Step 7 - Lubricate infeed table rear fence rollers

Step 8 - Lubricate and check function of profile flap paddles

Step 9 - Lubricate end stop cylinder Slideway

Step 10 - Lubricate infeed top/side clamp rollers

Step 11 - Lubricate infeed top/side clamp shafts/cylinders

Step 12 - Lubricate spindle slideways

Step 13 - Grease V notch gearboxes

Step 14 - Lubricate R axis datum assembly

Step 15 - Grease R axis slewing ring

Step 16 - Lubricate/grease Z axis shaft/bearings

Step 17 - Lubricate/grease Y axis shaft/bearings

Step 18 - Check Autolubrication System

Ensure lubricant is flowling to Y, Z, SZ and SY Leadscrews

Step 19 - Lubricate ring top/side clamp rollers

Check the assembly for squareness and alignment

Step 20 - Lubricate ring top/side clamp shafts/cylinders

Step 21 - Lubricate saw top roller

Step 22 - Lubricate saw rear fence rollers

Check for wear

Step 23 - Check saw rear fence alignment

Step 24 - Lubricate/grease saw front sideclamp cylinders/rails

Step 25 - Lubricate saw outfeed top clamp

Step 26 - Grease SR axis slewing ring

Step 27 - Lubricate/grease SZ axis bearings/rails

Step 28 - Ensure no swarf buildup under SZ axis leadscrew nut

Step 29 - Lubricate/grease SY axis bearings rails

Step 30 - Lubricate eject table cylinder/rail

Step 31 - Lubricate outfeed table eject push cylinders/bearings x 2

Step 32 - Lubricant outfeed table safety gate

Check function on Service screen

Step 33 - Check long length siren functionality