Autocut Daily Maintenance

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This checklist should be carried out at the end of every day

Step 1 - Press Estop

Once the machine has stopped production, press an emergency stop button to ensure the machine is safe to work on

Step 3 - Open Eject Access Hatch

Open the saw access hatch, this is the hatch below the eject table area - there is 4 x M6 bolts to take out.

Step 4 - Blow Down Infeed

Give the infeed area a good blow down - including the chain and pusher arm

Step 5 - Blow Down Saw Cutting Area

Give the saw cutting area a good blow down - making sure you remove the swarf and offcut buildup at the base

...Remember to check for small triangular offcuts behind the backfence

Step 6 - Blow Down Eject Table Area

Give the eject table area a good blow down, allowing the swarf buildup to fall through the access hatch

Step 7 - Blow Down Outfeed Table

Give the outfeed table area a good blow down

Step 8 - Shake the Extractor Cloth Bags

The cloth filter bags will easily clog with fine particles of cutting swarf. These are easily dislodged by shaking the bags

Step 9 - Empty Polythene extractor bags

Empty the lower polythene extraction bags if required