Autocut Open Guard Doors

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How to open the doors on a Stuga Autocut machine

Step 1 - Wait for machine to finish production

Step 2 - Press Emergency Stop

Once the machine has stopped production, press an emergency stop button to ensure the machine is safe to work on

Step 3 - Click on Open Door button

Through the winSaw software press '[F6] Open Door' - there maybe up to a 60 second delay before the door can be opened

...On all machines built or refurbished since 2010, the saw door is interlocked with a Zero Speed detector that will only allow the door to open when it has stopped spinning

Step 4 - Nudge the door lightly

The catch, located near the front handle, may need a little help to release.

Pull the door fully open

Step 5 - Open the Top Door

There are two types of top door

  1. Interlocked - the top door has a solenoid lock and will open directly
  2. Internal catch - the door can only be opened from the inside. The catch is located directly below the hatch window on the inside of the machine