Turning Off and Changing Datum Tool

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Step 1 - Open win Multi

Step 2 - Press on '[F5] Settings' tab

Step 3 - Go to the tab “Tooling”

Do not alter anything on the 'Tool' Settings' side.

Step 4 - Turning Spindle Off

Using the 'Spindle Setup' menu box, select the spindle to be turned off. Using the drop down arrow circled, change the spindle 'Tool' to <Empty>

Step 5 - Save Changes

The selected spindle's 'Tool' should now be set to <Empty>. Now press Save.

Step 6 - Changing Datum Spindle. (If necessary)

If the changed spindle is the datum spindle, this message will appear. A different spindle must be selected in the machines parameters.

Step 7 - Parameters Change

Go to the 'Parameters' tab. Then press on 'All' in the Filter box.

Step 8 - Setting New Datum Spindle

Find the parameter 'Datum Spindle Number' Click to highlight this field.

Change the spindle using the drop down box under 'Edit'. Change the datum spindle to a working tool that has not been turned off. Then Press 'Save'

The Parameter will now update.

Please note the Datum Tool Must be a 10mm router/Drill bit.

Step 9 - Exit software to windows and restart WinMulti.