Setting Arrow Heads on ZX5 or ZX5-E

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How to set arrow heads on Stuga ZX5 and ZX5e machines with the SY axis and Y notching on saw


The Zx5 and Zx5e have an upgraded system on the saw centralising which takes the best mechanical features of the standard saw centralising, yet adds an ability to move the central point for Y notches.

In general, this makes it easier to set up, because the overall centralise position can be changed in software , rather than adjusting a cylinder offset, and also to fine tune the centralise position for different profiles

...With the ability to tweak settings comes the real danger that too many tweaks cause confusion. Therefore when setting up, ensure all fine adjustments are reset to zero. Be aware that changing the arrow head position permanently will also alter Y notch depths

Step 1 - Check the mechanicals

  1. Are there any obstructions stopping the centraliser closing up smoothly or to its full extent?
  2. Is the SY datum sensor damaged so the datum point is changing?
  3. Is the SY axis motor and encoder OK?

Step 2 - Check the profile

It is very common for the profile to be non-symmetrical


Also - checking Z transom arrow head width is difficult - follow

Step 3 - Reset Fine Adjustments

Step 4 - Reset Y notch depth offsets

Step 5 - Adjust SY datum

Step 6 - Check all profiles

Step 7 - Check Y notches