General Accuracy Guidelines - Start Here

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This is the launch page for starting an accuracy journey on any Stuga machine. It contains general principles to follow and signposts further procedures and pages to investigate further

Guiding Principle

Start by proving what is correct, then you will find out what is wrong ( - Glenn Forde 2019)

Sawing and machining centres are complicated systems. There are many interconnected mechanical components and many software settings. All these systems need to be set up correctly and precisely for the accuracy of the whole system to be correct.

This means that diagnosing a problem is difficult. An engineer will be presented with a symptom - eg "The Y notches are out". This symptom will (most probably) have more than one root cause. To cure the symptom, all of the root causes need to be found and fixed individually. This must be done systematically - there are no short cuts.

To sort out an accuracy problem, the first question an inexperienced engineer will ask is

"What setting do I change to make it right"

This is nearly always the wrong approach. The correct question to ask is

"What is the root cause?"

There is generally something that has changed / broken / worn / loosened / tripped or our of tolerance that has led to the problem. This document guides an engineer through a process to check and put right all potential root causes following this process:

  1. Check External Factors ( Profile tolerances, temperature, etc)
  2. Check Mechanical Systems ( Alignment, clamping, rigidity, squareness, etc)
  3. Check Software Settings ( Factory Reference Settings )
  4. Run Accuracy checks and adjustments (Scaling and software adjustments)

External Factors

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Mechanical Checks

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Software Settings

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Accuracy Check Procedures

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