Accuracy Diagnosis - Software Settings

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Software Settings that operators may have affect accuracy. How to reset to factory settings


Software Setting Description Common Symptoms Link to Page Affected Machines
Fudged V and Y notch depths Operator has changed software settings for V / Y notch depths without finding the root cause V and Y notch depths inaccurate All except Saw
Kerf Blade kerf incorrectly entered Saw cuts correct for mitre cuts but not square cuts, or vice versa All except ecoline
Laser hole swarf The laser hole is leaving swarf in the profile and creating a laser reading problem when the profile is pushed into the saw Laser loading Errors

Random operation positions

Flowlines, ZX3 / 4 with laser fitted
Drive tuning - following error X Axis or Saw pusher axis is not tuned correctly

Following error when reading laser position gives positional error

Random operation positions, particularly on heavier profiles All
Rack Calibration / Scaling Calibration has been altered incorrectly Random operation positions All
Grip positions for profiles Gripper position for a profile is causing it to tip

Gripper position is not firm enough causing gripper slip

All except saw
V notch blade vertical angle Tool angle of V notch blade is not accurately locating it in a vertical plane v notches too deep or incorrect position V Notching on ring
Datum holes aligned with V notches V notch offsets incorrect to datum position V notches incorrect but routing positions correct, or vice-versa All except saw
Axis speeds (Pusher deceleration) Pusher is not connected with end of profile after deceleration - ie pusher stopped but profile carried on Random operation positions Saw


ZX3 / 4

Trimstart Trimstart is incorrectly set up or switched off, and the profile end is not square - ie the machine centre gripper has a different datum position to the saw pusher Random operation positions on particular profiles Flowlines, ZX3 / 4 without laser fitted