Changing Pneumax Valve slice

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Instructions on how to change a Pneumax valve slice

Step 1 - Undo fixing screws using small pozi Screwdriver.

Please ensure screwdriver is a good fit to avoid wearing the head of the screw.

Step 2 - Removing old Valve Slice

Pull Valve slice off, holding at the bottom and top of the slice.

When removing the slice be careful not to bend the pins on the slice.
Make sure the Valve Gasket piece does not fall out or go missing. This is needed to stop leaks.

Step 3 - Fitting New Valve Slice

Ensure pins line up correctly and are carefully inserted. Push valve slice into position.

Step 4 - Tighten Screws

When tightening the screws, screw in 2 turns on each of the side until tight to ensure a square fit.

...Do not over tighten, the bolts will strip easily