Changing Main Saw Blade

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Stuga recommends this blade be changed after 1-2 weeks of cutting - symptoms to determine if the blade needs changing:

  • Awful cutting sound / smell
  • Profile dragging (sizes too short)
  • Brown burnt swarf
  • Smoke coming out of profile end while cutting

...The 500mm blade is sharp and can be awkward to manouver out of the saw, please be careful

Use protective handwear
Warning of sharp objects
Hand injury

Step 1 - Stop Cutting

Make sure you have stopped cutting and nothing on the machine is moving - press an emergency stop button to ensure this.

Step 2 - Open the door

See the tutorial:

Step 3 - Loosen Blade

Using the saw blade 'C' spanner and the 24mm spanner, loosen and remove the main bolt going through the centre of the saw blade - anti-clockwise to loosen.

Step 4 - Remove Fastening

Once the bolt is loose; remove the bolt, washer and plate.

...Remember which order they are in, as this is the order they must go back on.

Step 5 - Remove Blade

Now carefully remove the blade, with this blade being 500mm it will be tight. Ensure you take note of which way the blade spins.

...The blade cutting direction at the top is towards the rear of the machine

Step 6 - Fit New Blade

Fit the new blade ensuring the teeth are facing the same way it was removed

Step 7 - Refit Bolt, Plate and Washer

Now fit the plate, washer and bolt ensuring it's tight

Step 8 - Measure new blade thickness (Kerf)

Measure the thickness of the brand new or sharpened blade - this should be between 3.8mm - 4.1mm

Step 9 - Update kerf Parameter

Through the winSaw software go into '[F5] Settings' and update the 'Kerf' parameter to what the blade thickness is.

Press 'Save'.

Step 10 - Close the door

Press '[F10] Reset Saw', now close the main door and ensure it will not open and that the 'Guard' message clears

Step 11 - Reset Estop

Reset the emergency stop circuit by unlatching emergency stop buttons and pressing the physical blue 'ES RESET' button