TB0452 ZD620 Zebra Printer Setup

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Step 1 - Auto Power - Power Recovery Mode

One difference between the GX420d and the ZD620d is the lack of a dedicated power switch. The newer ZD620d opts for a power button that must be pressed in order to turn on the printer after power is supplied. As our machines are fully un-powered after a machine is closed down it causes the operator to intervene and manually turn on the printer after power up.

Ideally the Zebra ZD620d has an Power Recovery Mode that acts as a permanent switch in case of power failure. We can use this on the machines to allow the printer to turn on upon power up.

1.      Disconnect from power.

2.      Remove module door and use Ethernet cable to remove (plug in and pull).

3.      Move the switch that is annotated AUTO to the ON position.

4.      Reinstall the module.

5.      Reconnect power, this should now turn on.

Step 2 - Power On

Plug in power and Ethernet cable connected to network to the printer. As the printer boots up there will be a red light displayed on the front. After around 30 seconds this will turn green as the printer completes boot up.

Also check the Network Light. If this is orange or red there is a connection issue between the printer and the network

Step 3 - Installing the Peel-Off Module

Underneath the printer will be two screws that hold the front label dispenser in place. Undo these using the tool provided in the peel off module box. When these are undone, slide the dispenser downwards to release. When this is off, slide the peel off module onto the printer. Reattach the screws and tighten

Step 4 - Load labels

Using the latches on the sides, open the printer and place in a label reel as shown. Open the peel off module using the yellow latch on the front. Thread the labels through the module and tuck labels under latches by the wheel. Check labels are parallel to the printer, close and shut peel off module.

Step 5 - Print a configuration label

Hold down the dispenser and cancel buttons (1 and 2) for two seconds. This will printout labels with various parameters on them, look for the label with IP Address as shown.
You can also use the advanced IP address scanner to do this! just be careful to access the correct printer if the customer has more than one.

Step 6 - Type IP Address in Browser

Open the most available browser on the network and type the IP address gathered in the search bar. This should open the Zebra Web Home Page.

If you type the IP address into the browser and get the Bing search engine place http:// before the IP address.

Step 7 - General Setup

  1. From the home page press on View and Modify Printer Settings.
  2. You maybe prompted for a password type: 1234
  3. Go to General Setup
  4. Put the parameter Darkness to 30
  5. Put the parameter Print Mode to Peel Off
  6. Submit Changes

Step 8 - Calibration

Added March 2023 :

Please check Black mark and Label Gap - Moveable Sensor is near middle of label are and is not pushed to one side.

Manual Calibration:

Press and hold Pause and Cancel buttons for 2 seconds then let go.

This will calibrate the label length

Automatic calibration:

  1. Go to Calibration
  2. Change the parameter Power up to Calibration.
  3. Change the parameter Head Close to Feed.
  4. Submit Changes.

Step 9 - Media Setup

  1. Go to Media Setup
  2. Change the parameter Print Width to 800.
  3. Submit Changes.
  4. Check Media Type is NON-CONT
Some printers now default to Continuous and not non-continuous . CHECK

Step 10 - Extra checks

1. Backfeed being set to Off rather than Default

2. Tear off position being set to 0

3. Max label length being set to 300, rather than the Max 7967

Step 11 - Network Settings

This should always be done last as changing the IP address to outside of the local range will make the printer settings inaccessible.

  1. Go to Network Settings.
  2. Then TCP/IP Settings.
  3. Input the desired IP Address of the printer.
  4. Change IP Protocol to Permanent.
  5. Submit Changes.

...The IP address of the printer is determined by the customer's address range. If you are replacing a printer on-site, you need to set the IP to the same as the old printer. You can find this in params.mul - 'printeripaddress='

Step 12 - Submit + Reset

  1. Go to View and Modify Computer Settings.
  2. When done with setup click Save Current Configuration.
  3. Then click Reset Network. The IP address is now fully transferred to the one input on step 10. If already on site test this by putting the new IP address into the browser search bar.
...Very Important to remember to SAVE CONFIGURATION

Step 13 - Width Calibration

To calibrate the label width, follow the instructions in this video

  1. Hold pause until status light only on
  2. Press feed once to move to orange pause light
  3. Press pause, width calibration labels will start printing
  4. Press Feed when correct width is printed (100mm)

Step 14 - Check Firmware is up to date

If firmware is not up to date, follow this link