Ecoline - Disabling V axis To Swap Faulty Drive

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If a drive fails on an Ecoline, the V axis can be utilised to enable the Ecoline to still run as a machining centre, albeit with V notching now disabled. This is a better situation than no machining at all, as all factories have V notching capability in addition to an Ecoline

Step 1 - Physically move the V axis to a safe position

...The V axis needs to be clear of the gripper / x axis travel. This is the normal datum position

Step 2 - Physically move the motor connection

Remove the V axis motor cable (in this case cable 1)

Move the motor connection from the faulty axis to the V axis (in this case it is the R axis cable 2)

Step 3 - Backup the Original Project

Archiving a TwinCAT Project

Step 4 - Take a copy of the axes.mul file

Take a copy of the axes.mul file first

Edit the second column next to V axis from 1 to 0

Step 5 - Remap the Faulty Axis to a Good Drive

  1. Select faulty drive (in this case the R axis
  2. Settings Tab
  3. Link to IO
  4. Select All, not just unused
  5. Double click the Existing V axis (in this case Drive V&R Channel A)

Step 6 - Check the V axis is now unmapped

Step 7 - Unlink the V axis from the PLC

It is currently connected to axis 11

Map it to "none"

Step 8 - Activate configuration

Restart in Run Mode

Step 9 - Rescan the motor on the axis

On Drive Manager, navigate to the V axis drive

Click Rescan Button

Repeat for the drive you have swapped it with

...This step ensures the drives do not throw an error because they detect the wrong motor type connected

Step 10 - Activate the configuration

Restart in Run Mode

Step 11 - Rename the drive with a note

Add - REMAP on the end of the drive name

...This just adds as a reminder for when this whole process will need to be reversed when changing back again

Step 12 - Click back to Drive Manager and enable the rename

When Drive Manager is activated, it will want to copy the name change over. Click Yes