Dokit - Creating A Work Instruction

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This tutorial guides you in how to create Work Instructions in Dokit and to avoid the pitfalls.

If the Work Instruction is already created, follow the process Dokit - Editing Work Instructions


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...Do not publish passwords
...Do not publish anything inflammatory, offensive or illegal

Step 1 - Check if the Dokit is already created

The dokit references for work instructions are tracked and stored on the monday board

Work Instruction Dokit Tracker

Check to see if the instruction is already there, there should be a link for it in the link column which will take you straight to the page.

If it already exists, there is no need to continue this procedure, follow the process Dokit - Editing Work Instructions

Step 2 - Navigate to the website

This site is a french production, so there will be an occasional French word pop up

Step 3 - Log In to Dokit as an Editor

To create a new Dokit, you need to login as a editor

The Username is Gareth Green

Password is available from the IT department

Step 4 - Create a page

Click on the create a Page button

Step 5 - Create a Tutorial and Name it

  1. Click on the tutorial button
  2. Name the Work instruction, following the naming convention, paticularly the R00nnnnn code.
  3. Double check the name and spelling - it is a bit of a pain to change the name of a Dokit after it has been created
  4. Click Create

Naming Convention:
R00nnnnn [ Title of Subassembly ]

...The other types of Dokit (Page, Item, Manual) are used for other types of page. Work instructions are most suited to the 'Tutorial' step by step type
If you do need to change the name, finish creating the dokit then change it using this process

Dokit - Renaming a Page

Step 6 - Fill in the description

(1) The description should be standard:

(Obviously replace the R00nnnnn with the Assembly R number!)

Work Instruction for R00nnnnn [Title of Assembly]

...You can copy and paste the title (2) from the dokit itself

Step 7 - Set the Category

Work Instructions should be assigned to the 'Production' category

Step 8 - Set the difficulty

Hover over the (i) to see the skill assignment

Most Work instructions will be the top 3

Very easy: Accessible to everyone. An 8 year old child can follow the tutorial without difficulty

Easy: Accessible to all. An adult can follow the tutorial without difficulty

Middle: Only an informed adult can follow the tutorial. Requires no special skills

Difficult: Requires mastery of technical skills. An amateur may, however, follow the tutorial

Very difficult: Usually reserved for professionals. Requires the mastery of complex technical skills

Step 9 - Set the Duration

Provide an estimate for how long this should take.

If unsure, set at 1 day and it can be edited later

Step 10 - Add the Main Picture - Step 1

Pictures are very important to Dokit, and a main picture gives the whole tutorial an identity. Each picture needs to be uploaded to dokit first. This process (in my opinion) takes far too many mouse clicks !!!

Click on the + icon on the main picture box

...If you are not in a position to upload a photo - don't worry, you can do this another time when editing

Step 11 - Add the Main Picture - Upload

Click on Upload Tab on Media Gallery

Click on Select Files

Step 12 - Add the Main Picture - Navigate to file

Navigate to the picture to upload. Most R numbers will have a thumbnail jpg saved in the general photos folder g:\photos

Step 13 - Add the Main Picture - Upload this File

Click on 'Upload this File'

Step 14 - Add the Main Picture - Click on Photo

Click on the Photo

Click on "Insert Into Page"

Step 15 - Add the Main Picture - Crop and size

Crop the picture by dragging the window size handle and position the frame

Click Crop to finish

Step 16 - Save

Don't forget to Click Save at the bottom of the page once the dokit has been created.

Step 17 - Add to the Monday Work Instruction board

To keep organised, all the work instructions are being tracked on this board. This allows others to easily access it from a central place

  1. Search on this board to see if there is an entry already
  2. Copy and paste the title of the instruction if it does not exist
  3. Set the Status columns -
    • Machine Type,
    • Module,
    • Status "Created"
    • Difficulty - match the difficulty in the Dokit
  4. Copy and paste the internet address into the link column

Step 18 - Edit the content

The Dokit entry is now saved in the system.


Dokit - Editing Work Instructions

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