Autoflow Saw Motor End Swap

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The main saw motor for an autoflow D0004079 (made from E0000002) has to be rebuilt due to supplier changing the location of the terminal box.


It is not possible to source the original format, so the motor needs to be reassembled in the reverse configuration to move the terminal box

Autoflow Saw Motor End Swap big-A2028 WhatsApp Image 2023-09-14 at 09.49.58.jpg


They are a simple rebuild,

  1. remove fan guard
  2. undo tie rods,
  3. remove key from spindle,
  4. remove spindle shaft endcap,
  5. remove body
  6. Rotate body and rebuild
...Make sure the mounting holes are in the correct position
  1. Rotate terminal box so that gland is pointing towards the shaft

Autoflow Saw Motor End Swap Exploded View.png