ACEpc Changing IP address using netedit

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The ACEpcs use two different systems for connecting a network

  1. NETBeui - this was used on earlier machines but reliability depends on the customer network setup. Reconfiguration after initial setup is difficult
  2. IP addressing - A setup system was written using IP addresses to connect. This is a little harder to set up, but is easier to change later. A special program called netedit was written which updates all the correct files in the background

Step 1 - Run NetEdit from command prompt

At DOS prompt, ensure you are on drive C: by typing
And press enter

And press enter

If the file does not exist, follow the procedure for installing the netedit software using a 'netsetgo' disk

Step 2 - Set the saw name

Build number must be unique. If a flowline saw put an "s" on the end. i.e. F073S

...The text edit boxes are not well written and will fail if the right / left cursor keys or Del key is used. You should always overtype the existing text with the full name or IP address

Step 3 - Saw IP address

This is supplied by customer. IT department

If testing in house it needs to be on the range.


Step 4 - Multi Name

If this is for a Flowline - Build Number of Flowline machining center

Otherwise this will be the net NETBEUI name of the pc you are connecting to.

For testing at stuga this will be NAS1

Step 5 - Multi IP

If this is for a Flowline - IP Address of Flowline machining center

Otherwise this will be the IP address of the pc you are connecting to.

For testing at stuga this will be

Step 6 - Set Subnet mask

This is the subnet mask for the customer factory

...For Ip addresses beginning with 192.168.. this is generally For other ranges this can vary, so check with customer IT department

Step 7 - ZLP Settings

Leave these settings as-is

...These are historical settings for old machines that used a Zebra Label print Server PC. The label servicing is now done on winMulti software so a seperate server is not needed

Step 8 - Save + Exit

Press escape - then Y

The message:
Unable to open params.saw file

is normal.

Step 9 - Remove Disk and reboot

Ensure the floppy disk is removed and reboot

Success will be seen if the machine boots into Drive D:

If the saw is connected to a flowline, the saw software should run automatically