YNotchStartGap Parameter

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Definition and use of the yNotchStartGap parmeter


Applies to machines with V notching on the ring - worse if the blade size is 200mm

If a Y notch is at the very start of the bar, there is a combination of the gripper location inside the ring with the Y and Z axes in an extrreme position. This leads to a clash between the gripper and the ring.


Original solution was to build a big "minable" into the gaps.saw file to force a big waste cut at the beginning of the bar. This was done by specifying a gap of "s+s" (minable+minable) or "s+s+s" (minable+minable+minable).

YNotchStartGap Parameter Gaps 1.png

This is a bit cumbersome, and there are downsides to it when using it on a Microline becasue this amount needs to be reflected in the mnd files used to control the saw blade - W_ESYF.mnd and W_ESYR.mnd

From software version a new parameter was introduced, specifically for this purpose - YNotchStartGap. This is normally set at a value of 270 for a Microline or ZX3

This allows the variable to be used in the mnd files

YNotchStartGap Parameter ESYF.png

The gaps file calls on this with the variable "y"

YNotchStartGap Parameter gaps 2.png
...This gaps file looks different to the one above because it is from a later version of software and is not handed