Viewing Camera Footage from Hikvision Cameras

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The video footage from a Hikvision camera can only be viewed via Windows "Internet Explorer". The camera web page also has the facility to playback and download the recorded images stored on the memory card in the camera.

...You cam only view and download video if your PC is on the same local network as the cameras you wish to view
...Only the old "Internet Explorer" can be used for all the features of Hikvision. For reasons unknown, Hikvision have not kept this up to date for the latest drivers (Edge and Chrome)

Step 1 - Optional - Ensure SADP Tool is installed

...This step is only needed if you do not know the IP addresses of the cameras

This tool allows you to "find" the cameras on the network easily. This can be downloaded at

Step 2 - Optional - Run SADP to view cameras on network

Hikvision Cameras SADP Tool.jpg
...This step is only needed if you do not know the IP addresses of the cameras
...This step is only needed if you do not know the IP addresses of the cameras

This lists all the cameras and shows you their IP address. The IP address is used to connect to the camera.

Step 3 - Open Internet Explorer as "Administrator"

Type "iexplore" in the search bar to find the old Windows Internet Explorer

Right click and "Run as Administrator"
...You will need to run Internet Explorer as the administrator if you want to download the clips. this is because IE needs Administrator rights to be able to save to disk

Step 4 - Navigate to Camera

Enter the IP address in the explorer address bar

Step 5 - Allow any Plugins

If this is the first time that this has been attempted on your PC, a Hikvision plugin will be needed. Follow the process to install it

Step 6 - Log In to Camera

Stuga Cameras are all set up with the following login:

Username: admin

Password: Stuga001

Step 7 - Live View

This shows you the live view from the camera

Step 8 - Playback

Click on Playback to view historical recorded footage

  1. Select the date you would like to view
  2. Slide the time bar side to side
  3. Play to playback video at the requested time
  4. Coloured areas show where video was recorded
  5. Click on download to create a copy of the selected video snippet on your hard drive
...Video is only recorded when there is movement in front of the camera

Step 9 - Downloading Files

  1. You will know the time of the incident from the playback screen. Clicking the Download icon brings up the Download dialog
  2. Click on the search button to show you all clips today (you can narrow the search or change day with the filters above the search button)
  3. Tick on the clip you want to download using the start and end time of the clip
  4. Click Download
  5. A popup box will show you where the download is
  6. If you want to change the download location, this is set in the Configuration->Local Tab
...You cannot download clips unless you hare running Internet Explorer as the Administrator