R0015358 Conveyor chassis

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Tools Required

standard hex key set

Standard spanner set

Standard HSS drill set

Standard tap set

Utility knife

Parts Required

B0000441 Conveyor 3580mm x 300mm x 1

B0001013 Conveyor Motor SEW - WA 10 x 1

B0001177 Pair conveyor side cheeks and bearings slave x 2

M0000133 Conveyor Belt XL-AS 7350 x 300 B x 1

P0000200 Elbow Adaptor 6mm - M5 x 3

Step 1 - Unless otherwise stated

Use Loctite 243 on all fasteners

Use Loctite 572 on all threaded pneumatic connection

Pen mark all fasteners to show finalised

Step 2 - Handing

Conveyor can be built in 2 formats



Please see picture for clarification of orientation

Step 3 - Drill blower points on rollers

indicated 3 roller housings will require blower holes adding

Mark Blowers as shown .

Drill through with 2.5mm drill

Then drill half way from outside face with 4.2mm drill

Then tap outside face shown M5

Step 4 - Assemble mounts

Assemble 4 off mounts

Ensure maytec fittings are orientated correctly

Ensure spring clip is fitted to D nut

Step 5 - insert M4 plate nuts

insert 8 off supplied m4 plate nuts into correct face of long frame sections

4 off per side

Step 6 - Assemble main frame

...Ensure maytec barrel fittings are positioned on inside face

Assemble main maytec frame

Ensure all sections are set in a parallel position

Please capture pictures for this please

Step 7 - Finalise all fasteners

Ensure all fasteners are finalised on frame

Step 8 - Fit Slave roller (non driven)

Fit slave roller assembly as shown

Ensure spacer washers are fitted

Ensure blower points are orientated correctly to suit belt rotation direction

Step 9 - Fit drive roller

Fit drive roller assembly as shown

Ensure spacer washers are fitted

Ensure blower point is orientated correctly to suit belt rotation direction

Should be at bottom of frame on opposite side of drive motor

Step 10 - Attach adhesive tape

Fit supplied adhesive tape to top face of frame at shown points

Photos required in correct sequence please

Step 11 - Quality Check

Check issued stainless plates 2 off have been countersunk correctly

M4 countersunk should sit flush, not above top of stainless sheet

Step 12 - Fit stainless top plates

Use stainless plates as a guide to align M4 plate nuts before removing adhesive tape backing

...Ensure stainless plates are aligned correctly. They should be parallel to maytec main frame

Once aligned , remove adhesive tape backing and secure stainless plates into position

Fit 8 off supplied m4 countersunk hex sockets to finalise stainless plate fitting

Step 13 - Fit belt

Fit belt to assembly

Photos required in correct sequence please

Step 14 - Fit mid rollers

Fit mid rollers

Step 15 - Tension drive roller

Set lower roller tension (motor end)

Measure and set gap to 15mm either side

Step 16 - Tension slave roller

Tension drive roller to 22mm gap at both sides of roller

Ensure both sides are set to the same measurement

Step 17 - Check all fasteners

Quality check all fasteners

ensure all fasteners have adhesive applied, are correctly tensioned and are pen marked to indicate finalised

Step 18 - Fit drive motor and flange

Fit drive flange to bearing cheek ensuring correct orientation to allow correct fitment of motor

Fit motor to bearing flange, do not apply final tension or adhesive to locating grubscrew as motor will need to be removed later on

It is important to test fit at this stage to identify correct fitment

Step 19 - Fit blower fittings

Fit 3 off blower fittings to mounting points on bearing cheeks