R0015346 Conveyor blower system

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Tools Required

Standard hex key set

Pipe cutters

Pipe identification numbers

Parts Required

P0000046 Fitting: 'Y' Adaptor 6mm x 1

P0000053 6mm T (P16) x 1

P0000160 Fitting: Flow Controller In Line 6mm x 1

Step 1 - Unless otherwise stated

Use Loctite 243 on all fasteners

Use Loctite 572 on all threaded pneumatic connection

Pen mark all fasteners to show finalised

Step 2 - Connect Drive roller blower

Use 6 x 4 mm black air pipe .

Use identifications of 2139

Connect blower elbow to in line flow regulator

Connect flow regulator to 6mm Y connector

Correct photo required please

Step 3 - 6mm Y connector

6x4mm black air pipe .

From 6mm Y connector

1 pipe to run to saw connection . Leave trailing pipe 2 meters long with identification

1 pipe to run along indicated side of conveyor to feed top blowers

Correct photo required please

Step 4 - 6mm Tee connection

Split feed pipe with 6mm Tee connector at upper bracket position

fit inline flow regulator before 6mm tee connector

run one feed pipe direct to blower

Step 5 - Last blower feed

Attach feed pipe to tie bases and feed last blower elbow

Step 6 - Pneumatics test

Connect air feed to trailing 6mm pipe

Check all flow regulators are installed in the correct orientation

When flow regulators are fully closed, air should be stopped .

If air can only be regulated to a small flow, regulator is installed in the wrong orientation