R0015343 Waste Guidance Installation

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Tools Required

Standard hex key set

Standard spanner set

Standard HSS drill set

Standard tap set

Parts Required

D0001967 Conveyor End Plate x 1

D0001970 Swarf Funnel Support x 2

D0005616 Conveyor Swarf Funnel x 1

D0010843 Conveyor Deflector Plate x 1

M0000031 Panel Edging Strip; 9 x 6mm (consumable stock )

R0015344 Bench Assemble Conveyor Parts

Step 1 - Unless otherwise stated

Use Loctite 243 on all fasteners

Use Loctite 572 on all threaded pneumatic connection

Pen mark all fasteners to show finalised

Step 2 - Please note

Drive motor must be removed to allow access to fit side sheets

1 locking grubscrew must be slackened to allow drive motor to be removed.

Ensure drive motor is refitted after installation of waste guidance sheets

Step 3 - Fit Radius side sheets

fit 2 off radius side sheets as shown

Secure using m5 slim D nuts , M5 x 10 socket caps and M5 A form washers

Position as shown 5mm from edge frame

Step 4 - Fit side sheets

Fit 4 off side sheet as shown

Secure using m5 slim D nuts , M5 x 10 socket caps and M5 A form washers

At position shown, Use 2 off M5 x 10button heads for clearance when motor fitted

Step 5 - Fit deflector

...Ensure holes if drilled by hand are sufficiently deburred and free of sharp edges on both sides

Drill and fit deflector as shown

Ensure deflector is mounted at a height that clearance is present between conveyor belt and deflector

Provide details to enable ecr to be raised to add mounting holes

Step 6 - Position end plate

Position conveyor end plate as shown

Ensure end plate does not touch belt. Needs to be 3mm higher than belt face

Mark positions for mounting holes and remove end plate

Step 7 - Drill end plate

Drill M6 clearance holes at marked points

Photos and details of this please Drill off cable tie bases for motor cable

Step 8 - Fit end plate

Ensure button head M6 fasteners are used backed with M6 dome nuts

Step 9 - Fit edging strip

Fit edging strip to top faces

please detail

Step 10 - Fit lower swarf funnel brackets

Pictures Required

Secure with 4 off M5 x 10 socket caps and M5 A form washers

Step 11 - Add riv nuts

Add 2 off m6 rivnuts to swarf funnel pre drilled holes

Ecr raised to add rivnut to drawing 18/12/23

Step 12 - Important

When positioning swarf funnel, it is vital that it does not contact the conveyor belt . Please ensure it is set so there is no contact between the two

Step 13 - Fit swarf funnel

Fit swarf funnel to conveyor brackets

Secure with M6 cap heads and washers

Step 14 - Drill and pin

Details and pictures Required

Drill and pin funnel in position with 2 off 3 mm spiral pins

Step 15 - Check all fasteners

Check all fasteners are finalised and marked

Ensure all settings have been finalised