R0000299 Stroke assembly rebuild

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  The following instructions should be followed to ensure that correct assembly and setting are performed

Tools / consumables Required

Standard hex key set

Standard spanner set

Large adjustable spanner

Drifts and punches

Ballpein hammer

Soft hammer

FE10 Solvent

Hylomar Gasket

Parts Required

Kit R0000299 containing

B0000043 Double Angular bearing 15 I?D 35 O?D 15.9 long rubber seal 3 x 2

B0000105 Double Angular Bearing 15 I/D 35 O/D 15.9 Long x 1

B0000335 3ph Brake motor 2 pole 3000rpm x 1

B0000380 Double Angular Bearing 25 I/D 52 O/D 20.6 Long + rubber seal x 2

D0000059 Damper Bridge x 1

D0000062 Damper Bridge Boss x 2

D0007730 ZX4 V Notch Mk1 Spindle Shaft x1

D0007867 Bevel Gear (Left) x 1

D0007868 Bevel Gear (Right ) x 1

D0007873 Motor Gear x 1

D0007874 Pinion Gear x 1

D0007875 Pinion Shaft x 1

P0000165 damper x 1

Step 1 - Handing clarification

R0000728 and R0000729 are mirror images to each other

Please inspect pictures to clarify and confirm correct hand to be built

(Supplied unit to be refurbished will always be rebuilt as the same hand )

Step 2 - Unless otherwise stated

Always use Loctite 243 on all fasteners fitted unless stated different

All bearings should be an acceptable fit, with Loctite 641 and FE10 solvent used if required

All fasteners should be marked once finalised

Step 3 - Motor Drive pinion

1 Check fit of Motor drive gear D0007873 onto B0000335 motor. Ensure fit is smooth and pinion can be fitted by hand.

2 If gear does not fit onto spindle by hand, remove key from motor shaft and

  • Check motor gear fits on shaft with no key present. If not rework bore of motor gear to ensure correct fitment
  • Check key passes through motor gear keyway . If not rework keyway until key passes through by hand
  • Re fit key and check motor gear now fits by hand onto motor shaft

3 Set motor pinion flush to top of shaft and secure with 2 off M6 x 10 KCP grubscrews and Loctite 243. Ensure these are fully tightened

Step 4 - Fit Motor Drive gear Housing

1 Degrease mounting faces indicated with FE10 solvent

2 Apply bead of Hylomar as shown to drive pinion housing

3 Fit housing to motor, paying attention to orientation and fix with 4 off M6 x 50 socket caps

Step 5 - Fit B0000043 Bearings

Fit 2 off B0000043 bearings to housing D0007870

Ensure correct bearing fitment is achieved. Use loctite 641 and thoroughly degrease with FE10 is bearing are loose in bore

Step 6 - Fit B0000105 bearing

Fit B0000105 bearing to shaft D0007875 , ensuring correct orientation

Use loctite 641 and FE10 if bearing fit is loose

Step 7 - Bevel gear identification

Ensure bevel gears are identified correctly

D0007868 has an additional raised face on the rear of the gear

Step 8 - Fit Gear to shaft

Fit Key B0000383 to Shaft , and fit bevel gear D0007868 , ensuring correctly orientated

Step 9 - Fit shaft assembly to housing

Fit assembled shaft to bearing housing as shown

Again, observe fit of bearings and if required, use Loctite 641 bearing fit and FE10 solvent to correct if bearings are loose

Step 10 - Degrease faces

Degrease indicated faces with FE10 solvent

Step 11 - Fit and seal shaft assembly

Apply Hylomar as shown

Apply Loctite 641 to bearing

Fit assembly to main housing

...Hole fixing PCD must be observed to allow correct alignment . If not aligned correctly, all 3 fixing M6 holes will not align. Check orientation before fitting assembly

Step 12 - Fit drive gear

Fit B0000382 key to shaft

Fit D0007874 gear to shaft

Step 13 - Fit fixings

Use M6 x 20 socket countersunk with D0007876 washer

Use M6 x 20 button head with M6x 20 penny washer

Use Loctite 243 and ensure all threads and tapped holes are thoroughly degreased with FE10 solvent

Fit fasteners as shown and tighten both fasteners at the same time, using opposing threads to enable sufficient tensioning

Step 14 - Degrease faces

Degrease indicated faces with FE10 solvent

Apply 1/3 of tube of M0000603 grease as indicated

Apply Hylomar to face as indicated

Step 15 - Attach to main housing

Combine 2 assemblies as shown.

Use location dowels to position

Fix with 3 off M8 70 socket caps and Loctite 243

Smooth excess Hylomar with clean rag once fasteners have been finalised

Step 16 - Fit B0000380 bearing to housing

1 Fit 1 off B0000380 bearing to D0007797 as shown. Ensure correct bearing fit is observed

2 Fit to D0007750 backplate and secure with 4 off M6 x 16 socket countersunk

3 Fit D0007730 spindle

4 Fit D0007729 spacer

5 Fit 2nd B0000380 bearing