Cylinder Compatibility

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Notes on cylinder compatibility

Matara to Festo ISO 15552

The Matara cylinders were specified as a direct replacement to the ISO 15552 Festo type. This means they should be dimensionally compatible in both mounting and reed switch slots

Example - Spindle Plunge and Infeed clamp cylinder 32mm x 125mm

Cylinder Compatibility Cylinder Compatibility 1.jpg

Reed Switch Mounting. Festo P0000488 used for both
Festo Type Matara Type
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There is a similar relationship between the double plunge cylinder P0000438 and P0001161 33 x 10mm stroke

Complication: Reed switch access point

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The original Festo cylinders fitted to Microlines and ZXs had an access point for the reed switch. This allowed Festo reed switches of type 150855 to slide in. This type of Festo reed switch has been replaced by a version (SME-8M) that does not need to slide in - it drops in and locks off. This type of cylinder is no longer available which leaves a Reed switch compatibility problem

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Festo Reed Switch Differences
Early type


Later Type


Cylinder Compatibility Festo 150855-2.jpg
Cylinder Compatibility P0000488.jpg


Compatible with all Festo and Matara cylinders


When replacing a spindle plunge cylinder, it is important to find out if the 150855 reed switches are fitted. If so, the reed switches will also need replacing.