Commissioning - Off-Cut Laser Sensor

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Setting up the laser sensors on the infeed of a Flowline, ZX4 and ZX5.


Infeed Off-Cut Laser sensors are used to check the length of profile with the proposed length from the software. This is to avoid incorrect lengths and profiles being cut. The sensors will be put at specific lengths along the infeed which will be input in the software files. When profile hits the back fence all covered sensors will trigger, hence, the profile must be larger that the final triggered sensor.

Video overview

Step 1 - Adjust the "Light Dark"

Adjust the "Light Dark" balance on the sensor. To do this, using a small flat head screwdriver, turn the light dark dial clockwise until the orange light goes off. Then slowly turn anti-clockwise until the orange light turns on again, when this happens re-turn a little clockwise to turn off the orange light.

Step 2 - Adjust Sensitivity

Now adjust the sensitivity. Place an object 80mm away from the sensor. Now adjust the sensitivity until the orange light turns on.

Step 3 - Sensor Height Warning

Make sure the height of the sensor is ABOVE the gaskets on profile.

Step 4 - Input Laser Measurements

From the 0 Position, measure the distance of each sensor. These should be written down on the sensors.

In the measurements settings (winMulti> Settings > measurements) update each offcutSensorX parameter with the exact measurements recorded.