Autoflow Loading Offset Parameters

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Definition of the parameters for setting the loading arm to the correct position


On Autoflow machines, the following parameters are used to correctly set the infeed table position, arm length and stop positions. In all calcualtions, the zero datum point is the centreline of the spindles.

Common Values
Parameter Description Mk1 Mk2/3 Mk4
loadOffsetX Distance the gripper has to move after measuring finished to clear the grip finger.

This is nominally the dstance from the point of the gripper to the measuring sensor

On Mk4 (Sturtz Infeed), if the value is too big, the forward roller clamp may miss end of profile

1680 1680 1580
stopCylinderToZeroX Distance from zero to the stop cylinder 670 630 580
infeedToZeroX Distance from Zero to the material side of the loading fence 305 305 590
measureStartPosX Position to start measuring from

This position must place the measuring sensors on the arm to a sensible location

On Mk1-3 machines, the start position begins on the material itself

-945 -895 -862

Mk1 Autoflow

Mk2-3 Autoflow

Mk4 Autoflow

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