Ancil Saw Setup Guidance

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Tooling Design

Several Cill profile supports have already been designed.

...All cill support blocks are handed depending on feed of machine

See Parts: Stuga Tooling for the full range and Parts Identification - Cill Support Blocks for a guide on selection

Build Number Profile Profile BMP Cill Block
S012 Rehau 246330 150mm

Rehau 246340 180mm

Rehau 503940 225mm

Ancil Saw Setup Guidance Image.png


Side Clamp Positioner

  • Side Clamp Positioner "home" position is cylinder extended. Activating the output casues the side clamp to widen to the full size
  • Ensure Side clamp Positioner stroke length is 100mm to give full range of travel
  • Check range of motion to ensure the side clamp output can grip each profile type using the side clamp output only

Saw Stroke End Position and 500mm Upgrade

Cill saws need a 500mm blade upgrade

Check the widest profile cut at 45 degrees to ensure there is enough travel to complete the cut. to get a further 10mm stroke from the saw cut, the mount for the saw stroke cylinder rod end can be modified.

Ancil Saw Setup Guidance Screenshot 2021-03-02 150400.jpg

This has the downside of forcing the start point of the blade up -the blade pokes out 10mm above the slit strips, but this is not a big problem as long as the blade is not above the cut tables

Saw Stroke Mid Cut Input

Ancil saws benefit from the mid switch input on the saw stroke, because the stoke speed is inevitably slowed down on the widest profile, which also needs the full stroke range. Adding the mid point switch means narrower and lower profiles do not need the full, slow range of the cut and the cycle time is reduced considerably.

See instructions on how to set this feature up

Part numbers P0000327 and P0000609 are part of the R0010241 Ancil upgrade BOM

Colour Coding Support Blocks and Pusher End

See instructions for how to set this feature up in a standard way

BladetoFence Setup

Bladetofence on an ancil saw should be around 70mm.

Cill Chute Fill Plate

Part number D0005628(-OH) is used to fill in the radius of the chute which helps offcuts of wide cills down the chute

Ancil Saw Setup Guidance Cill infil.jpg

Part is included in the R0010241(-OH) Ancil upgrade BOM

Parameter Setup - winMulti / Beckhoff Control


OverOptimising issues. This seemed to particularly affect cill saws - see Overoptimising Issues

Parameter Setup - winStugaSawVB / Nextmove Control

The winSaw control was the original version, so the ancil parameters are slightly different and were improved upon when merged into the existing code in the winMulti version

Parameter 225Cill turns on the use of the Z support output to become "Side Clamp positioner


Parameter clampLiftPos sets the position where the Infeed Top clamp needs to lift up, because the saw pusher no longer passes underneath the clamp (the pusher is higher up on ancil saws). This is only activated if the profile parameters for the tooling colour coding are set to a colour.