Air Pressure Switch Setup

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Step 1 - Reduce pressure to around 4 Bar on the air service unit where the pressure switch is wired.

Step 2 - Find the Input on the service /IO tab

This is usually called 'AIR'.

From this point you will either need to have somebody watch the input on the screen or have means (eg dialled in on a laptop) to be able to watch the output while carrying out he next step.

Step 3 - Slowly adjust the dial for the pressure switch

Use a 4mm Allan Key for this. (Anti-clockwise)

Step 4 - Watch for the Input to switch

At the point the input switches back the dial up slightly for it to switch back.

Step 5 - Re-adjust the pressure back up to 6Bar

Step 6 - Make sure the Alarm is the correct sense

In the Settings/ Alarms tab make sure the Alarm will be produced at the correct sense the input is switching.

Step 7 - Test by removing the air from the machine to see if it produces the 'Air Pressure Low' Alarm