ZX4 Saw Centre

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Operation of the ZX4 Saw centre, conveyor and extraction system.

Saw Centre

This is the final operation in the machining cycle and cuts the bars into correct lengths before they are passed to next production operation.  The Saw Centre includes an Outfeed table to collect the cut pieces.

ZX4 Saw Centre image20.png

Inside the Saw

Below is an unguarded view of the saw.  There are to sides to the saw, Infeed (to the left of the blade) & Outfeed (to the right of the Blade).

ZX4 Saw Centre image21.png

Saw Centre Control Console

The saw Centre has it’s own control panel.  This is used for inputting Data into the Saw.  This facility enables the saw to be used independently from the Machining Centre.

ZX4 Saw Centre image22.png

Saw Conveyor

The Saw is fitted with a conveyor unit that removes the smaller offcuts from the Saw Cabinet outlet. These are fed into a storage bin ready to be disposed of as waste.

ZX4 Saw Centre image23.png

Extraction system

The ZX is fitted with a swarf extraction system, which removes swarf and small cutting debris from the Saw and Multihead cabinets.

The extractor fans and collection bags are located at the rear of the machine as shown below.

ZX4 Saw Centre image24.png