Stuga Machine IO Dictionary - Outputs

Author avatarGareth Green | Last edit 6/03/2024 by Stuga Engineer being drafted

List of output references used on Stuga Machines


For input references see here

  • All Stuga machines share similar outputs to do similar functions (eg the gripper on output is the same on any machine). To keep this modular approach, each function is given a specific reference number from 1 to 500. This reference or IORef is the same on any machine.
  • This number is used as the wire labelling number on newer machines (all Autoflows and ZX5s)
  • To maintain backwards compatibility with older machines (Saws, Flowlines, Ecolines, etc, there is also a cross-reference to the original cable numbering.
  • More information on a particular input can be found by clicking on the code, if external ink is set (blue text)
IORef Legacy Wire Label Code Description
1 Y25




Gripper on flowlines
Y001 OuA_Grip Gripper on Autoflow
3 OuA_GripBlow
4 OuA_LoadBlow
5 OuA_PopUp
6 OuA_Dog0
7 OuA_Dog1
8 OuA_Dog2
9 OuA_Dog3
10 OuA_Dog4
11 OuA_Dog5
12 OuA_PopV9
13 OuA_PopUpPush
14 OuA_PopUp2
15 OuA_PopUp3
16 OuA_PopUp4
17 OuA_PopUp5
18 OuA_PopUp6
19 OuA_PopUp7
20 OuA_PopUp8
21 OuA_GripTurn


Sturtz Infeed Grip Turn Cylinder Up to 90 degrees
22 OuA_StopX
23 OuA_InfeedAdv
24 OuA_BrakesOff
25 OuA_CillSupport
26 OuA_EDSpindleOn
27 OuA_EDClamp
28 OuA_EDPlunge
29 OuA_EDGuardOpen
30 OuB_ClampIT
31 OuB_ClampITPos
32 OuB_ClampIS
33 OuB_ClampISPos
34 OuB_ClampOT
35 OuB_ClampOTPos
36 OuB_ClampOS
37 OuB_ClampOSPos
38 OuB_Spin1Pl
39 OuB_Spin2Pl
40 OuB_Spin3Pl
41 OuB_Spin4Pl
42 OuB_Spin5Pl
43 OuB_Spin6Pl
44 OuB_Spin7Pl
45 OuB_Spin8Pl
46 OuB_Spin1On
47 OuB_Spin2On
48 OuB_Spin3On
49 OuB_Spin4On
50 OuB_Spin5On
51 OuB_Spin6On
52 OuB_Spin7On
53 OuB_Spin8On
54 OuB_Spin1DP
55 OuB_Spin2DP
56 OuB_Spin3DP
57 OuB_Spin4DP
58 OuB_Spin5DP
59 OuB_Spin6DP
60 OuB_Spin7DP
61 OuB_Spin8DP
62 OuB_SpinFwd
63 OuB_Spin300
64 OuB_Oiler
79 OuF_LowerEj Lower eject system on Autoflow Mk4
80 OuF_ClampIT


If the clamp on the saw infeed top is a roller clamp, use this output to activate a high pressure 3/2 valve
81 OuF_ClampITPos
82 OuF_ClampOT
83 OuF_ClampOTPos
84 OuF_ClampIS
85 OuF_ClampOS
86 OuF_ClampITRoll
87 OuF_EjectPush


Soenen Eject Push to Conveyor A

88 OuF_EjOutfeed Autoflow Mk4 Eject Back to Back Cylinder Outfeed Side
89 OuF_ClampPad Static Clamp Pad for Autoflow Mk4
90 OuF_Conveyor
91 OuF_Eject
92 OuF_TiltSaw
93 OuF_OffcutBlow
94 OuF_Siren
95 OuF_Gate
96 OuF_TiltPos
97 OuF_SawOn
98 OuF_ExtractOn
99 OuF_ChuteBlow
100 OuA_Dog6
101 OuA_Dog7
102 OuA_Dog8
103 OuF_SRBlw Blower for SR Axis
104 OuF_ConvYAFwd Soenen Conveyor Direction Y Position A (next to M/c) FORWARD
105 OuF_ConvYARev Soenen Conveyor Direction Y Position A (next to M/c) REVERSE
106 OuF_EjectInfeed Autoflow Mk4 Eject Back to Back Cylinder Infeed Side
107 OuA_Crank Module A Crank
108 OuA_DDrlMot Datum Drill Motor
109 OuA_ConvFwd
110 OuA_ConvRev
111 OuA_WheFwd
112 OuA_WheRev
121 OuC_GripH Module C Grip Height Home
122 OuC_BlwRack Module C Rack Blower
123 OuC_BlwGrip Module C Grip Blower
124 OuC_Roller Module C Roller Lift
125 OuC_Chan1 Module C Channel
126 OuC_BeamPosH GX Axis Beam Position Home
127 OuC_BeamPosO GX Axis Beam Position Out
128 OuC_CrankFwd Module C Crank
131 OuE_GripH Module E Grip Height
132 OuE_Grip Module E Grip
133 OuE_BlwRail Module E Blower for Loader linear rails
145 OuE_BlwGrip Module E Grip Blower
146 OuE_Roller Module E Roller Lift
150 OuE_Backfence Module E Backfence Roller Lift - Not used
151 OuE_Crank Module E Crank
152 OuA_Chan1 Module A Channel 1
153 OuA_Chan2 Module A Channel 2 (Datum Drill)
154 OuA_WheelH Module A Wheel Height
155 OuA_ChanLock Module A Channel Lock
156 OuA_DDrillPl Datum Drill Plunge
157 OuA_Roller Module A Roller
158 OuA_DDClamp Datum Drill Clamp On
159 OuC_GripLock Gripper position lock Module C
160 OuE_GripLock Gripper position lock Module E
200 OuF_GuardOpen
201 OuB_GuardOpen
202 OuF_ClampS
203 OuA_LoadClear
204 OuF_ClampPos
206 OuF_ClampCen
207 OuF_SawCut
208 OuF_Saw90
209 OuF_Saw135
210 OuF_ZsupportI Z Support Cylinder (on ZX5 this is the infeed side)
211 OuF_ClampSPos
212 OuF_ClampITHi
213 OuF_SawBlow
214 OuF_ZITurret Z Turret Turn Infeed
215 OuF_ZOTurret Z Turret Turn Outfeed
216 OuB_Red MH Red Lamp
217 OuB_Amber MH Amber Lamp
218 OuB_Green MH Green Lamp
219 OuF_RedSaw Saw Red Lamp
220 OuE_ChannelLock    
221 OuE_ChannelPush
222 OuE_FlipZ    
223 OuF_GreenSaw Saw Green Lamp
224 OuF_ZsupportO Z Support Cylinder Outfeed Side on ZX5 only
227 OuE_SRSTSaw Added by BB for Flowline with RS Auto/Beckhoff control
228 OuE_TrMotor
229 OuE_TrDog1
230 OuE_TrDog2
231 OuE_TrDog3
232 OuE_TrDog4
233 OuE_TrDog5
234 OuE_TrDog6
235 OuE_TranUpDown
236 OuE_TranAcross
237 OuF_OffsetAH  
238 OuE_BlwLens
239 OuE_BlwMLoad Material load blower on Module E on ZX5
240 OuE_BlwHole
241 OuE_BlwRack
242 OuE_PushLift
243 OuB_BlwUR
244 OuC_BlwMLoad Material Load Blower
250 OuA_NextBar
251 OuA_VorBack Sturtz Infeed Forward Carriage Back (Vorlaufwagen)
252 OuA_VorFwd Sturtz Infeed Forward Carriage Fwd
253 OuA_VorUp Sturtz Infeed Forward Carriage Clamp Up
254 OuA_VorDn Sturtz Infeed Forward Carriage Clamp Down
255 OuA_GSGrip Sturtz Infeed Grip Profile Short Grip (Shorter of the two cylinders)
256 OuA_GSOff Sturtz Infeed Grip Profile Short Open
257 OuA_GLOff Sturtz Infeed Grip Profile Long Open (longer of the two cylinders)

Output Ref 001 is used for the longer one as this is equivalent to grip output)

258 OuA_TurnUp


Sturtz Infeed Grip Turn Cylinder Down (0 degrees standard)
259 OuA_LiftUp Sturtz Infeed Roller Table Up
260 OuA_LiftUDn Sturtz Infeed Roller Table Down
261 OuA_StopUp Sturtz Infeed Paddle Stop Up
262 OuA_StopDn Sturtz Infeed Paddle Stop Down
263 OuA_GRTRotate Sturtz Infeed Guide Roller Turn Cylinder Rotate
264 OuA_GRTOpen Sturtz Infeed Guide Roller Turn Cylinder Initial
265 OuA_GRHClamped Sturtz Infeed Guide Roller Height Cylinder Clamp
266 OuA_GRHOpen Sturtz Infeed Guide Roller Height Cylinder Open
267 OuA_InfeedLift Profile lift clear of infeed belts
268 OuA_SillLift On Ancil saw, popup cylider to support profile
269 OuB_BlwRing
270 OuB_CLIHold
271 OuB_InvDP Inverter Double Plunge output

Signals an inverter that double output power is needed.

...This needs to be seperate from a simple plunge signal because the inverter needs the command and a changeover delay before the accelleration command

Also referred as 316 on TwinCAT2 machines

272 OuC_BlwRail
273 OuC_CrankFwd Module C Crank Motor Fwd - on reversing motor. Z067+
274 OuC_CrankRev Module C Crank Motor Rev - on reversing motor Z067+
275 OuD_CrankFwd Module D Crank Motor Fwd - on reversing motor Z067+
276 OuD_CrankRev Module D Crank Motor Rev - on reversing motor Z067+
277 OuE_CrankFwd Module E Crank Motor Fwd - on reversing motor Z067+
278 OuE_CrankRev Module E Crank Motor Rev - on reversing motor Z067+
279 OuA_OpSiren Operator Siren
280 Y280 OuF_ConvXA Soenen Conveyor Direction X Position A (next to M/c)
281 Y281 OuF_ConvXB Soenen Conveyor Direction X Position B
282 Y282 OuF_ConvYBFwd Soenen Conveyor Direction Y Position B FORWARD
283 Y283 OuF_ConvYBRev Soenen Conveyor Direction Y Position B REVERSE
284 Y284 OuB_VibPlate Autoflow Mk4 Vibration Plate
290 Y290 OuF_CLHClose Sturtz Outfeed Horizontal Clamp Close
291 Y291 OuF_CLHOpen Sturtz Outfeed Horizontal Clamp Open
292 Y292 OuF_LiftUp Sturtz Outfeed Lift Station Up
293 Y293 OuF_LiftDn Sturtz Outfeed Lift Station Down
294 Y294 OuF_OBarBlw Sturtz Outfeed Bar Blower
295 Y295 OuF_ConvFwd Sturtz Outfeed Conveyor Forward
296 Y296 OuF_ConvRev Sturtz Outfeed Conveyor Reverse
310 Y310 OuF_AABlw Label Area Blower
311 Y311 OuF_AAVac Vacuum Pump Valve (Label Applicator)
312 Y312 OuF_AATilt Applicator Tilt (Label Applicator)
313 Y313 OuF_AAPlace Applicator Place Up/Down (Label Applicator)
314 Y314 OuF_AAPick Applicator Pick (Yaxis) (Label Applicator)
315 Y315 OuF_AAPulse Label Applicator Profile Position Turret Pulse
316 Y316 Inv_DP Inverter Double plunge output used on TC2 machines

The standard should be Y271, but this refernce has crept in on TwinCAT2 machines only

319 Ou_IPullOff Ecoline Infeed Pull Off
320 Ou_CLVHi Ecoline V notch top clamp High pressure
321 Y321 Ou_EJPSH2


Ecoline / Microline outfeed push 2

Soenen Eject Push to Conveyor B

322 Ou_VBLOW Ecoline V Notch Blower
323 Ou_IPULLO Ecoline Infeed Pull Valve off (3 position valve)
324 Ou_LENBLOW Length sensor blower (not Used)
325 Ou_VTURN Ecoline V Front Turn
326 Ou_WTURN Ecoline V Rear Turn
327 Ou_CLVO Ecoline V Notch outfeed Side Clamp
328 Ou_CLVI Ecoline V Notch Infeed Side Clamp
329 Ou_BcGrn Ecoline Barcode Reader Green LED
330 Ou_BcRed Ecoline Barcode Reader Red LED
331 Ou_BlwInfeed Ecoline & Sturtz Infeed Blower
333 OuA_PopUp1Off Sturtz Infeed Push To Backfence 1 Open
334 OuA_PopUp2Off Sturtz Infeed Push To Backfence 2 Open
335 OuA_PopUp3Off Sturtz Infeed Push To Backfence 3 Open
336 OuA_PopUp4Off Sturtz Infeed Push To Backfence 4 Open
337 OuA_PopUp5Off Sturtz Infeed Push To Backfence 5 Open
338 OuA_PopUp6Off Sturtz Infeed Push To Backfence 6 Open
339 OuA_PopUp7Off Sturtz Infeed Push To Backfence 7 Open
350 Y1 Ou_CLIT      
351 Y2 Ou_CLIS      
352 Y3 Ou_CLO    
353 Y4 Ou_INDEX       Conveyor Motor
354 Y5 Ou_CLUTC      
355 Y6 Ou_STRAI      
356 Y7 Ou_CLCL ClampClamp hold - used on


Flowline with DOS control

357 Y8 Ou_ALIGN      
358 Y9


359 Y10 Ou_MLOAD Load Wheel / Roller Motor
360 Y11 Ou_WBLOW      
362 RY1 SPIN1
363 RY2 SPIN2
364 RY3 SPIN3
365 RY4 SPIN4
366 RY5 SPIN5
367 RY6 SPIN6
368 SPIN7
369 SPIN8
370 OY1 Ou_EJPSH
372 OY3 Ou_GRPSH      
373 OY4




Sturtz Outfeed Sensor Blower

374 Ou_SRSTM/H       BB added M/H to description because we need to keep M/H and Saw side separate
375 Y54 Ou_OMBLW       Material Load Blower on Module A on Zx5
376 SPDP3
377 SPDP5
378 Ou_ServoEnMH Added by BB
379 Ou_ServoEnSaw Added by BB
381 Y381 OuF_ConvBrake Outfeed Conveyor Motor Brake
382 Y382 OuA_ConvBrake Infeed Conveyor Motor Brake
383 Ou_CLOUO Under roller on outfeed side of V notch assembly
384 Y52 Ou_IPULL      
385 Y53 Ou_IGRIP       OuA_IGrip on ZX5
386 OuB_CLOI
387 Ou_VMOT      
388 Ou_WMOT      
389 Y32 Ou_VICUT      
390 Y33 Ou_VOCUT      
391 Y36 Ou_WICUT      
392 Y37 Ou_WOCUT      
393 Y42 Ou_CLOO   Roller clamps on far outfeed side of Machining centre
394 Y43 Ou_CLOUI   Under roller on infeed side of V notch assembly
395 Y44 Ou_CLV     Fixed V notch clamp (front). Used for top and side V clamps on ZX5
396 Ou_CLW     Fixed V notch clamp (Rear)
397 Y16 SPPL1
Ou_VOURO Microline
398 Y17 SPPL2
Ou_BLOWC Microline
399 Y18 SPPL3
Ou_BLOWD Microline
400 Y19 SPPL4
Ou_OPEN Microline
401 Y20 SPPL5
Ou_WASTE Microline
402 Y21 SPPL6
Ou_SWMOT Microline
403 Y22 SPPL7
Ou_SAWC Microline
404 Y23 SPPL8
Ou_S90 Microline
405 Ou_S135 Microline
406 Ou_CLSIV Microline
407 Ou_CLSIP Microline
408 Ou_CLSOV Microline see 418
409 Ou_CLSOP Microline
410 Ou_CLSIH Microline
411 Ou_CLSOH Microline
412 Ou_EJPS2 Microline
413 Ou_RRBLW Ring Rack Blower
414 Ou_RREXT Ring Rack Extractor
415 Ou_IDLE v3.67 Idle Beacon
416 Ou_InvDP Inverter Double Plunge Current Boost

also 271

418 Ou_CLSOV Microline - M005 moved to this number because it did not work on 408 (608)

See Microline Issue Saw Outfeed Clamp

419 Y419 Ou_GripPulse Pulse Output for grip height Somatec unit
425 Reserved SPBL1 Spindle blow outputs reserved due to SPPLn+28 in Spindle On code. See Monday item
426 Reserved SPBL2
427 Reserved SPBL3
428 Reserved SPBL4
429 Reserved SPBL5
430 Reserved SPBL6
431 Reserved SPBL7
432 Reserved SPBL8