Upgrade Flowline Opto Sensors to Ultrasonic Flowline Ultrasonic 2.jpg


Kit for replacing Flowline Opto infeed sensors with ultrasonic

Long description

Product Code Description Quantity Bought In UOM
D0010732 Ultrasonic Sensor Bracket 1.00 each
E0000457 Connector Brad Harrison M8 4 Pole Straight 5M lead PVC 1.00 Each (1)
E0001120 Sensor: Ultrasonic M8 20-150mm 1.00 Each (1)
F0000011 M5 X 50 SKT CAP SCREW S/S 2.00 Each (1)
F0000159 M5 FORM A WASHER S/S 2.00 Each (10
F0000191 Screw M3 x 25 Pan Slot ( see F251 ) 2.00 Pack (1)
P0000010 Elbow Adaptor 6mm - 1/8 BSPT (Taper thread) 1.00 Each (1)
P0000046 Fitting: 'Y' Adaptor 6mm 1.00 Each (1)
P0000065 Air Pipe: 6mm Black  (100 Mtr Coils) 2.00 Metre
P0000160 Fitting: Flow Controller In Line 6mm 1.00 Each (1)

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